Royal Flannel


The cold season is upon us and, when it comes to style, no wardrobe is complete without the Royal Flannel bunch by Guabello. A selection of fabrics in enveloping colours with the discreet charm typical of an elegant and distinctive style. Top quality materials combined with a high-tech Motion component to guarantee optimum natural elasticity.

Resistant, comfortable and incredibly soft, Royal Flannel is a key part of the Guabello heritage, boasting all of the characteristics of an absolutely must-have winter fabric.

MINIMUM ORDER 25 metres per colour.

Every article is available with selvedge.

The distinctive symbol of Royal Flannel is the crown, expression of its profound and deep-rooted noble spirit. For this reason, one source of inspiration for the creation of this selection of fabrics was the game of chess.

A pastime of ancient origins, chess is a game of ability, intelligence and strategy and therefore one completely befitting of a king.

Capable of fascinating entire generations and synonymous with refinement, elegance and class since time immemorial, chess, just like the fabrics of Royal Flannel, focuses particular attention on aesthetics.

A never-ending source of energy and heat, the Sun, with its essentially positive connotations, represented another source of inspiration for the creation of the Royal Flannel bunch. We easily find the same elements in the selection of flannel fabrics, perfect for creating fashionable winter looks.

Whether it is a formal or more casual occasion, thanks to its distinctive and completely natural elasticity Guabello flannel is the perfect ally. Versatile, comfortable and soft, it will be the undisputed star of the season.