Dreamscapes – SS25 collection

Remote universes and dreamlike suggestions: for the Spring-Summer 2025 | Dreamscapes collection, Guabello explores new creative paths, introducing an almost unreal aesthetic…

October 21st sees the return of the ApritiModa project, born in 2017 from an idea of journalist Cinzia Sasso, which reveals to the public the behind-the-scenes of the best Made in Italy, in an itinerary that will cross the whole Country.
Light Retrò

For the Fall-Winter 2024-2025 season, Guabello draws inspiration from a refined archival taste, finding, in the collections of the past, iconic structures and designs to be revisited in a modern key.

FIT – New York students visiting Guabello

Guabello has always chosen to believe and invest in future generations. For this reason, Guabello creates, on a day-to-day basis, a deep connection with institutions highly specialized in the training of young students who, upon graduation, will contribute fully to the supply chain of the fashion world.

Sustainability takes center stage

Sustainability at Guabello is a world of ethical and aesthetic values, in which excellence is a natural dimension, versatile and rich in meanings that go far beyond images and seasonal contents, to tell a story of craftsmanship


The selection of fabrics from the Spring-Summer ’24 collection is presented as a tribute to wool, as a genuine celebration of a noble and timeless fiber.

FIT visits Guabello

The Guabello Wool Mill is proud to have hosted outstanding guests: students from the prestigious FIT University. Il lanificio Guabello è orgoglioso di aver aperto le proprie porte per accogliere degli ospiti d’eccezione: gli studenti della prestigiosa università FIT – Fashion Institute of Technology of Manhattan – New York, currently in Italy for a semester at the Politecnico di Milano.

Connoisseur – Bunch service

Dedicated to real wool connoisseurs, the selection of Connoisseur fabrics complements the prestigious bunch service in Guabello.

FW 23|24 season trends

The coldest seasons of the year bring with them warm colors, enveloping textures and style notes, with the aim of facing this transitional period to rethink in an ethical way the future of the fashion world and respond better to new needs.


For the cosmopolitan man, dynamic and constantly on the move, choosing a look that is perfect from morning to evening is a fundamental mission.

Space Explorers

Cutting-edge technological innovation and an ongoing interest in functional details extends into the new Fall-Winter 23|24 proposal by Guabello.

Open Day

Guabello opening back to public to celebrate the “Monbricks” event, a charity initiative organized by the Proloco of Mongrando e with the patronage of the Municipality of Mongrando, for an eventful day


What is it like to wear a fabric that is able of adapting to all your movements, even the most extreme?

Future Run

The Guabello Spring-Summer 2023 collection is, from the first glance, rich in colors and patterns, cutting-edge technological innovation, but, above all, characterized by a constant and growing attention to the environment.

Royal Flannel

Milestone of the collection and expression of Guabello’s heritage, Royal Flannel continues to renew itself and becomes part of the bunch service.

Wool Riders

Guabello is once again welcoming the future generations of the textile industry.


Guabello è pronta per sorprendervi con un’esclusiva novità del bunch service. Preparatevi a scoprire la nuova selezione di tessuti Vault.

Pull the plug, day by day

Guabello presents the Fall-Winter 2022|2023 collection in which the trend of an increasingly cutting-edge fashion is confirmed, in which technology and comfort mark the rhythm of product innovation.


With the launch of the SS22 collection, Guabello introduces an unexpected novelty. The bunch service is enriched today with a new and exclusive selection of fabrics: Vesper, a careful choice of materials that stands into unique creations.

Guabello at WHITE Milano

To celebrate the Milan Fashion Week of February 2021, WHITE Milano, international showcase of contemporary fashion, inaugurated the WHITE Show, for the first time in a completely digital version, to make fashion just a click away. WHITE Milano, in constant search of the best seasonal trends, has selected the innovative K-Easy fabrics by Guabello: high-tech, casual and extremely refined.

A simple story needs to stay simple

Guabello presents the Spring-Summer 2022 collection, in which creativity and colors are confirmed as absolute stars. For the creation of the SS22 collection, Guabello was inspired by a return to simplicity, made of sharing and social interactions, a desire to innovate and to belong to something great, where you can travel and share memories.

Guabello X DynimicSynth Gear

Detail, technique and precision will find balance as manifestations of the same source. In this way, Alessandro Rupilli, fashion designer graduating at IED – Milano, defines his final dissertation project DYNIMICSYNTH GEAR. A project developed to create an effective common ground between the world of tailoring and techwear, based on utility, avant-garde.

Creativity that leads to innovative creations

Guabello presents the new Fall-Winter 21 collection, a mix of new colours, aspects and textures, which mark the rhythm of product innovation. For the creation of the new collection, they were inspired by creativity, not only in its common artistic sense, but especially by the form of creativity that leads

Even more performance natural stretch Motion

When the challenge calls, Motion responds. For the presentation of the new Fall|Winter 21/22 collection, Guabello has chosen to surpass itself by proposing a selection of Motion fabrics that stand out for their more decisive, even more performing character.

Antimicrobial technology

We, at Guabello, have chosen to look to the future with a new project: ViralOff technology. The need for fabrics with an anti-microbial effect is increasing and this is why Guabello has chosen to collaborate with Polygiene, a Scandinavian company, international leader for innovative and special treatments on fabrics.

K-Easy, an innovative concept for the future

K-Easy has been the expression of boundaries never explored before. Synonymous of lightness and comfort, an high wrinkle resistance feature, that shapes perfectly with every movement of the body. An innovative concept for the future, K-Easy knows no limits and rules already written, but invites you to free your real nature.


高博乐在米兰纺织展(Milano Unica)上发出了一个重要信息:时尚的未来已背离传统设计,只有创造新的解决方案,才有可能走出新的道路。借此机会,高博乐推出了两款重要的创新产品:K-Easy系列和密织正宗(Authentico)系列。

Creativity in a fabric

Accademia del Lusso, High Education Fashion School in the Fashion & Luxury area, hosted Guabello for a prestigious conference on the theme “Creativity in a fabric”. The history of the Guabello brand, with a focus on actual case-history, was particularly interesting for students of the academy.


CAMO公司选择博高乐(Guabello)作为比蒂男装 97’展上展出的“Way Out”项目面料。对于这个项目,品牌的设计师斯特法诺·乌格迪(Stefano Ughetti)的灵感直接源自博高乐冬季面料的质地和细微差别,做到了真正的“开箱即用”服装产品。




高博乐借20-21秋冬季展示之际,推出了皇家法兰绒(ROYAL FLANNEL)面料,通过不同的重量、外观和色彩,重新诠释了这一标志性产品。这款精致的天然弹性法兰绒,是传统、创新和可持续性的完美结合。如今的皇家法兰绒面料,除了具有过硬的面料内在质量外,更具备通过动态


高博乐随时欢迎新一代走入时尚和潮流领域。为此,公司向诺瓦拉贝里尼学院的学生们敞开大门,提供面料生产和裁剪的实习机会。 公司在学生培训的过程中,不断突出可持续性的主题,包括社会和环境可持续性发展,贯穿了高博乐公司的整个生产过程。公司在节水和减少环境影响方面



Guabello X Bold The Magazine

春天是展现各种色彩的时节,柔和的色调能够适应各种风格和场合。色彩缤纷的高博乐美利奴羊绒纯羊毛面料,专门为《绅士俱乐部》(Centre of Gents)人士打造,并得到了《重墨杂志》的支持。这家介绍德国生活方式和潮流的杂志兼《绅士俱乐部》作者萨维勒·罗