Connoisseur | Bunch Service



Dedicated to the true connoisseur of wool who can recognize quality right away, the Connoisseur bunch selection of fabrics offers the perfect look for any occasion.

With a modern design and understated details, Connoisseur retraces the essentials of the most formal elegance, offering evergreen classics in a modern key.

Woven from 100% Super 120’s Merino wool with the unmistakable Guabello touch, Connoisseur is undoubtedly a refined and sought-after style icon.

Colors and patterns, solids and micro effects, the Connoisseur bunch ensures an impeccable fit suitable for all seasons.

MINIMUM QUANTITY ORDER 25 meters per color.

Each item is available with selvedge.


As the name explains, the Connoisseur fabric selection is made to meet the most demanding requirements of true wool masters. Guabello’s work translates into attention to every single detail to emphasize its innate refinement and aesthetic sensibility.

For these wool fans, the Connoisseur bunch’s fabrics become more than just clothes to wear; they are works of art to collect, symbols of refined taste and a passion for beauty and quality.

Each Connoisseur fabric represents a way to express one’s personality.







Stars, luminous elements of the night sky that capture the gaze and imagination of anyone observing them, inspired the creation of the selection of fabrics collected in the Connoisseur bunch.

A symbol of light, endless beauty and mystery, stars have always inspired the creations of artists, poets and dreamers.

With this nod to the stars, Guabello brings a selection of fabrics to life that convey taste and elegance, perfect for men who want to stand out in the crowd.