Wool Riders

Wool Riders

Guabello is once again welcoming the future generations of the textile industry.
Following collaborations with some high school institutions and several universities, specialized in the fashion world, Guabello launches the Wool Riders Project. This is an innovative project, completely new, which, for the first time, sees the students involved not only in the production departments, but throughout the whole supply chain: from the yarn to the design, sale, and creation of a communication plan, to present the collection of fabrics. The guys will be real riders to discover the wool, the natural fiber par excellence.

On this occasion, Guabello hosted the Itis Quintino Sella institute, Textiles and Fashion area, thus starting the project that will follow the students to the knowledge of Guabello’s manufacturing world. From warping to weaving, to finishing and quality control, the students had the opportunity to know directly and deepen all the stages of production, with a constant attention to the sustainability issue, always present throughout the supply chain.

This first step was only the beginning of the project. The Wool Riders Project provides real workshops, during which the guys will know the different working figures present in the wool mill, from designers to sales managers up to marketing and communication team. In this way, it will be possible for them to know the background played by these figures, and then put them into practice. In fact, students will have to conduct real surveys on the needs and stylistic demands of selected countries. From these surveys will born a concept collection, studied, and diversified for the different markets that best represent the core business of Guabello.

Finally, the students will have to design and present a communication project in support of the collection, ending the Wool Riders Project with a visit to the Guabello stand on the trade fair Milano Unica '23.

The Wool Riders Project is a new approach to show students a 360º view of the work done by Guabello. This project is confirmed as a new and concrete possibility to transmit to the young people of today, and to the workers of tomorrow, the passion and know-how that have always distinguished the company, in a continuous and reciprocal exchange of observations and ideas.