Creativity in a fabric


Accademia del Lusso, High Education Fashion School in the Fashion & Luxury area, hosted Guabello for a prestigious conference on the theme "Creativity in a fabric". The history of the Guabello brand, with a focus on actual case-history, was particularly interesting for students of the academy.

In this meeting the voice of Guabello was the absolute main star, revealing to future designers, what are the background of the design and creation of our fabrics.

Central was the creativity issue, which has always characterized the Guabello’s collections.

Among product research and technological innovation, Guabello has brought attention to some iconic products of its collection, such as Royal Flannel, strengthening the creativity of students and providing continuous inspiration.

Thanks to the conference organized in collaboration with Accademia del Lusso, Guabello had the opportunity to realize one of its core values: create a close link with future generations of designers.

In order to fully understand the fashion world, it is necessary to know the entire supply chain, and Guabello is certainly an icon in the creation of fabrics, always in line with current trends, but especially to future ones.