Dedicated to real wool connoisseurs, the selection of Connoisseur fabrics complements the prestigious bunch service in Guabello.

Connoisseur fabrics represent an undisputed, refined, elegant fashion icon. Colors and patterns, infinite shades and designs, these fabrics are the perfect choice for any occasion.

The stars were the source of inspiration for this capsule. Brilliant and precious, they have wisely guided Guabello's designers in the creation of fabrics of striking urban elegance.

Thanks to unique textures and patterns, the fabrics of the Connoisseur bunch are born to follow the daily commitment, becoming the new essential elements of the season.

The most precious ally for the most classic business suit, the quality and value of Connoisseur is recognized at first glance

Impeccable fit, for everyday use and in all seasons, with this new bunch, Guabello marks a new path able to create an innovative range of contemporary menswear.

Check out all the fabrics in the Connoisseur selection and write to to find out more about the exclusive Guabello bunch service.