Guabello is ready to surprise you with an exclusive novelty about our bunch service. Get ready to discover the new selection of fabrics from Vault bunch.

Inspired by the complex parkour vaults and influenced by a strong technological component, Vault overcomes the boundaries of innovation, creating a selection of fabrics in which performance and style intertwine perfectly.

Discover the selection of Globetrotter, Motion and K-Easy fabrics of this new and exclusive bunch!

When the challenge calls, the Vault fabrics respond! Another important source of inspiration for this special bunch was Mars, the red planet, symbol of action and dynamism. These are exactly the features we can find in K-Easy fabrics, the highest expression of Guabello’s innovation.

Globetrotter will be your perfect ally when you must face a sudden rain, keeping your style always impeccable.

The maximum comfort will then be ensured by Motion fabrics, thanks to their fundamental 100% natural stretch feature.

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