Guabello X DynimicSynth Gear

Guabello x DynimicSynth Gear


Detail, technique and precision will find balance as manifestations of the same source. In this way, Alessandro Rupilli, fashion designer graduating at IED – Milano, defines his final dissertation project DYNIMICSYNTH GEAR.

A project developed to create an effective common ground between the world of tailoring and techwear, based on utility, avant-garde.

In this context, where water repellency is the basis, Globetrotter fabrics have won a real challenge.

DYNIMICSYNTH GEAR is a project designed for those who must face the increasingly hectic working life. Elegance and innovation, practicality, breatheability and water repellent natural stretch.

These are the main features of Globetrotter that, with its fabrics, contributed to the Alessandro Rupilli’s project.

Globetrotter fabrics are still, even on this occasion, a perfect example of technology at the service of sustainability, always with an impeccable style.