Creativity that leads to innovative creations
FW 2021

Creativity that leads to innovative creations


Guabello presents the new Fall-Winter 21 collection, a mix of new colours, aspects and textures, which mark the rhythm of product innovation.

For the creation of the new collection, they were inspired by creativity, not only in its common artistic sense, but especially by the form of creativity that leads to brilliant and unexpected solutions, in the most unexpected contexts.

People, objects and qualities that leave their mark: these are the key elements that inspired Guabello’s Fall-Winter 2021 collection.


The secret life of Walter Mitty

An expression of contemporary elegance, in a fast and exclusive service, in Istantly you’ll find the OneFifty, OneThirty, Connoisseur and City-Zen fabrics selection, true milestones of the Guabello collection. Walter Mitty’s life as an eternal dreamer, rich in images and sights of great photographers, made of objects of a long-lasting quality, guides the creation of a collection of contemporary elegance.


King of the Alps

Walter Bonatti and his hiking have made the history of mountaineering. All its adventures took place in total respect for nature, the same fundamental principle that marked the creation of Royal Flannel fabrics. Long lasting, soft touch and perfect fit, Guabello’s flannel skillfully combines classic elegance and natural stretch performance. A beauty profile that only the most extreme peaks can give.


A pinch of zafferano

“Rise, Gold and Saffron”, one of the most iconic recipe of Gualtiero Marchesi, symbol of the Italian nouvelle cousine, is the perfect expression of a refinement, not only in aesthetics, but above all in the selection of raw materials and in the infinite mastery for their processing. Spicy and iconic tones for Sobrius and OneThirty bring to life to a real tailoring suitable for a daily use. Winter fabrics per excellence that become a must-have.


Fiercely driven

What are the key elements at the heart of any innovation? The research for excellence and development of new ideas, never forgetting the speed factor, considered essential to overcome any limit. For this reason, to create of Globetrotter and Motion fabrics, we started form the innumerable evolutions of the car competitions, even going so far as to conquer the e-power engines world. The outcome is a deep proactive teamwork, from planning to design, with style and performance elegance.


Blooming colours

The desire to let the nature flourishes unhindered, to challenge the gray monotony of the city are the basis of the thought of the architect and painter Friedensreich Hundertwasse. The same desire that marked the creation of Libera and Lieve fabric selection. Warm autumn tones are emphasized by fibers such as cotton and linen. Nowaday, even more elastic, they represent a clear invitation to seek, in nature, the deep comfort’s essence.


Strong and pure

Making the invisible an art is the distinctive touch of the creations of Naoto Fukasawa, where the simplicity of the appearance reveals a true refinement in the essence. Overcoming the aesthetics to create a delicate balance that we find in the Studio fabrics selection, neutral tonalities fabrics defined by clean lines, with a soul that does not conceals at first glance. Their design and sober colours are the perfect expression of the “less is more” philosophy, and essentiality become the main star.


Are you sure you’re on the good side?

From London to San Francisco, from the West Bank to Italy, there are many walls in the world that saw the sharp design of Banksy, challenging urban space. K-Easy fabrics are inspired by its disruptive art: subversive by nature, they rewrite rules of menswear, creating a new revolution in the male fashion.