Royal Flannel

Royal Flannel

Milestone of the collection and expression of Guabello’s heritage, Royal Flannel continues to renew itself and becomes part of the bunch service. A selection of fabrics with warm colors and characterized by a distinctive softness, traits that win at first glance.

Resistant, comfortable, and extremely soft to the touch. Let yourself be enveloped by Royal Flannel and discover this new and exclusive selection of fabrics created for the exclusive Bunch service.

The absolute quality of raw materials intertwines perfectly with a high Motion technology component, thus giving life to incredibly warm and natural stretch fabrics, to create trendy winter garments.

The crown, which has always been the hallmark of Guabello flannel, represents the intrinsic noble soul of this selection of fabrics. For this reason, a source of inspiration for the definition of this Bunch could only be the game of chess, always synonymous with elegance and class.

In addition to chess, a royal game par excellence, Guabello drew inspiration from the inexhaustible source of energy and warmth of the Sun. These same characteristics can easily be found in the incredible selection of Royal Flannel fabrics, unique in its kind.

You just have to discover all the characteristics of Royal Flannel fabrics of this new precious bunch. Extremely performing, these fabrics are the result of constant technological research, to ensure maximum comfort, style, and natural stretch Motion.

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