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SS23 / S E R V I C E




Guabello’s exclusive bunch service brings together a selection of the most iconic and innovative fabrics in the collection, offering a unique service. Specially created for the most special occasions that require a certain level of elegance, the Vesper bunch offers extremely refined fabrics, with style and quality details that make every outfit so unique. The Vault bunch is pure performance thanks to the selection of K-Easy, Globetrotter and Motion fabrics, the most extreme of the Guabello collection, where wool exceeds the boundaries of innovation. A true milestone of the Guabello collection, the Royal Flannel bunch offers a selection of the best and finest flannels in the collection, an essential part of the wool tradition. Warm colors and incredibly soft hand, it is a perfect capsule to create trendy winter looks. Discover the exclusive bunch service by Guabello.


SS23 /  S E R V I C E


Getting to your destination on a business trip with your suit in a perfect shape, seems like a challenge. Airplanes, taxis and meetings are the natural habitat of the Globetrotter collection. Durable, breathable and natural stretch, these fabrics guarantee a high wrinkle resistance, ensuring a perfect fit from take-off to landing. With water repellent treatment you can face any climate change.

Motion is an innovative fabric, the result of an advanced technology that guarantees a high level of natural stretch, with no use of synthetic nor artificial yarns. Crafted to meet the demands of a contemporary and dynamic customer, who seeks maximum comfort but doesn't want to give up elegance.

An accurate research of materials that translates into unique creations. Everything comes from details, for a noble and refined style, which finds full expression in a selection of fabrics dedicated to the most special occasions, which require that extra touch of elegance. Pure Merino wool is intertwined with other fine fibers, which makes exclusive a proposal of the highest class.

K-Easy is the excellence of wool brought to a higher level of performances. A perfect mix of innovation, casual and refinemente, definitively breaks down the boundaries between formal and informal, following a new path of modern menswear. Synonymous with lightness and comfort, it doesn't crease and is able to perfectly shape following every movement of the body.

The iconic Royal Flannel fabric has always been a distinctive element of Guabello's DNA. Royal Flannel stands out not only for the intrinsic quality and elegance of the fabrics, but also for the comfort guaranteed by the exclusive Motion technology, able to give the fabrics high levels of performance, but with no use of synthetic yarns.