Studio SS23 - Guabello

SS23 / M E T A M O R P H O S I S


The style of the Studio capsule of the spring-summer 2023 proposal is well identifiable thanks to the minimalist design that distinguish it. For this season, it’s all about details: the selection of Studio fabrics is enriched with proposals for suit and jacket, with a new important range of patterns. Comfort remains the essential key element, in response to a growing demand for high-performance fabrics, but able to follow the latest trends in terms of style and elegance. Studio presents a more relaxed approach to tailoring, without sacrificing this fundamental blend of comfort and elegance, demonstrating an incredible attitude to metamorphosis. With sober and sophisticated tones, Studio captures the creativity of designers at first glance, establishing itself as a selection of modern and essential fabrics, with a particular focus on fit.


SS23 / M E T A M O R P H O S I S


Studio stands for innovation and experimentation. A hotbed of style, in which designers have the chance to unleash all their creative energy. The wealth of history and traditions continues to inspire the creation of fabrics, intertwining weft and warp with new ideas, for the creation of garments designed for the future and yet ones of timeless beauty.


3126F 301 1
225/235 gr.
77%WV 18%PA 5%EA
3126F 302 1
225/235 gr.
77%WV 18%PA 5%EA
3135T 20 5690
250/260 gr.
64%WV 32%PA 4%EA
1175T 20 9353
210/220 gr.
57%WV 40%PA 3%EA
1218T 20 5690
185/195 gr.
66%WV 30%PA 4%EA
8212T 20 5677
270/280 gr.
56%WV 40%PA 4%EA
1246T 20 5690
210/220 gr.
52%WV 45%PA 3%EA