Living Fabrics

Living Fabrics


Guabello chooses Milano Unica stages, to launch an important message: the future of fashion is passing off the classical schemes, where only by opening up to new solutions, it is possible to set the route for renewal. With over 200 years of history, Guabello has always lived in a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. From all of this, Guabello will presents two important product innovations: K-EASY fabrics and the AUTHENTICO capsule.

K-EASY represents an outstanding ambitious research for innovative performances, such as elasticity and recovery features, absolutely comparable to jersey fabrics, bit with some benefit, like a ready-to-wear perfect dimensional stability and an easy-to-stich tailor friendly quality. It is an innovative proposal in which the wool's excellence is brought to higher performances' level, which definitively breaks down the boundaries between formal and informal. On this occasion, Stefano Ughetti, designer of brad CAMO, gave shape to Guabello fabric collection. K-Easy has therefore created four outfits, Wide, Classic, Beach and Air, with a well-defined character, in a constant comparison between elegance and casual. The new idea of formal told by Guabello consists of multifarious fabrics, able to accompany those who look at a new menswear to rewrite the rules of contemporary elegance.

Performances, but also sustainability, are the protagonists of AUTHENTICO capsule, realized exclusively with selected Merino wool fleeces, certified Authentico.

A fabric's selection characterized by the traceability of the whole production process, from the farmers to the fabrics, with a fundamental respect qnd maximum care to the animal rights.

For Guabello, Milano Unica is therefore transformed into a future concept, that knows no bounds, but clearly calls for the release of eachone’s nature, to find new solutions and opportunities. As a clear sign of this intent, Guabello will welcome its guest to its stand, where green natural ambience will take its place, literally conquering this important stage.