Otherwise formal

Otherwise Formal


CAMO chooses Guabello fabrics for the “Way Out” project, presented at Pitti Uomo ’97. For this project, Stefano Ughetti, designer of the brand, drew inspiration directly form the textures and shades of the fabrics of the winter collection of Guabello, from which were born out of the box garments.

The whole project is inspired by Guabello’s desire to concretely demonstrate the versatility and modernity of fabric collection, often considered classic and traditional. Guabello, an historical reality, that has always been able to renew itself and meet the final consumer demands, has identified CAMO as a partner able to update, with its style, Guabello fabrics, interpreting them in a modern way.

With Way Out, jacket fabrics are used for shirts, double-breasted ones for trousers and so on, in a play of interpretation that has expertly enhanced the fabrics.


The collection is a real invitation to look beyond, to think out of the box and take bolder paths, aims to unite, through innovative outfit, a path of innovation and tradition that sees the maximum expression in Guabello fabrics.

Herringbone fabric, checks and wool jackets with water-repellet features, all signed by Guabello. These are the bases of an elegant collection, to dress the contemporary man, who loves to play with volumes and essential and modern lines, with no sacrificing the tradition and luxury of Made in Italy.