K-Easy, an innovative concept for the future

K-Easy, an innovative concept for the future


K-Easy has been the expression of boundaries never explored before. Synonymous of lightness and comfort, an high wrinkle resistance feature, that shapes perfectly with every movement of the body. An innovative concept for the future, K-Easy knows no limits and rules already written, but invites you to free your real nature.

An innovative fabric selection created for new digital realities, to draw inspiration looking at the wardrobe of the new virtual business traveller.

On the occasion of the K-Easy introduction at Milano Unica, in February 2020, there was Stefano Ughetti, designer of the brand CAMO, to give shape to the Guabello new fabric collection.

K-Easy has therefore been transformed into four iconic outfits, with a well-defined style.

Wide, with its clear tones, redefines the boundaries between formal and informal; Classic, the timeless blue suit with a modern and soft line, creating a new idea of classic; Beach, innovative and in step with the times, T-shirt and bermudas are made elegant thanks to the more traditional look of the jacket; Air, the formal style becomes relaxed with this suit, designed for those who do not want to give up the lightness of leisure, always maintaining a certain iconic elegance.

K-Easy fabric collection is a real innovation, an expression of modern menswear, designed for comfort and elegance, in Guabello way.