FW 23|24 season trends

FW23|24 season trends

The coldest seasons of the year bring with them warm colors, enveloping textures and style notes, with the aim of facing this transitional period to rethink in an ethical way the future of the fashion world and respond better to new needs.

The traditional autumn shades pervade the creativity of our designers, leaving an indelible mark in the creation of the new FW fabric collection.

On one hand, we find a strong link with reality and functionality with a fundamental and indispensable influence of nature. The style is reworked in view of an increasingly demand for urban practicality that responds to a new vision of our lifestyle.

On the other hand, the metaverse and the digital world are increasingly emerging as preferential pathways for the creative process.

Guabello’s FW 23|24 proposal draws inspiration from these fundamental concepts, to prepare ourselves for these changes successfully.

An essential element is the constant attention we pay to the protection of the environment, choosing to use and promote as much as possible the use of natural and sustainable fibers.

Get ready to discover how these influences are perfectly intertwined with the creations of the Fall-Winter 2023|2024 collection by Guabello