Space – The fabric that moves with you



What is it like to wear a fabric that is able of adapting to all your movements, even the most extreme?

In response to the growing demand for top-level performance and with the introduction of increasingly cutting-edge technologies, Guabello has created Space, a fabric selection with advanced elasticity in four directions, completely natural and sustainable. Just like a second skin and independently of the direction you take, Space fabrics will move with you.

Dynamism in its purest form, Space guarantees advanced natural stretch in four directions, achieving the highest level of flexibility both in the weft and the warp.

Guaranteeing performances comparable to those of fabrics with artificial elasticity, Space 4-direction natural bistretch fabrics improve performances and reduce environmental impact.

Different colours and appearances with a single aim: to successfully rise to every challenge, even the most difficult!

With its explosive character, Space bewitches international catwalks and attracts the sophisticated creativity of designers. The perfect combination of taste and performance, with an impeccable fit.

Less water, pure Merino wool and minimal emissions. The selection of Space fabrics by Guabello is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, sustainable by nature, for a circular ecosystem that respects our planet.

For your next trip to the moon you already know what to wear!