Soft and fresh tones, essence of natural fibers, coloring small blocks that, skillfully placed side by side, give new light to classical artworks. In that way, Nick Smith enjoys replicating iconic paintings using color samples, directly from Pantone catalogs. Geoffroy Amelot recreates famous masterpieces by Van Gogh and Michelangelo, using a Photoshop effect. With its optical illusions, tiles of different colors bring artworks back to life. Finally, Marco Sodano, has published some concepts reproducing three masterpieces, made in very low resolution: 17x24 pixels, or better to say Lego.

The secret to better appreciate these works is to take a step back, literally! A pop vision of classic art, able to transform it into something extremely simple, like a Lego brick. This is the inspiration of Libera and Lieve fabric selections, affirming the idea that art, like everything that surrounds us, could be a game.


Libera represents the perfect match between exclusive materials and informal style. Fabrics made with precious wool and natural fibers, designed for those who want to live their leisure time in maximum comfort always with a touch of elegance.

Designed in a wide range of colors, it I the ideal collection for those who wants to unleash their creativity.




Lieve, where exclusive raw materials together and natural fibers convey to an informal stylish product. Fabrics designed for leisure time, without sacrificing a touch of elegance.

Colors are the undisputed stars of this collection, created for those who wish to approach life with lightness and creativity.




6846F 338 1
210/220 gr
50%WV 45%CO 5%SE
6846U 2 57
210/220 gr
50%WV 45%CO 5%SE
6836F 339 1
215/225 gr
48%WV 43%CO 5%SE 3%PA 1%EA
6836U 2 3
215/225 gr
48%WV 43%CO 5%SE 3%PA 1%EA
6187F 300 1
235/245 gr
75%WV 21%CO 2%SE 2%EA
6748F 321 1
225/235 gr
50%WV 45%CO 5%SE
6835F 322 1
240/250 gr
49%WV 45%CO 5%SE 1%EA
6144F 300 1
245/255 gr
36%CO 35%LI 21%WV 4%SE 2%PA 2%EA
6140U 2 1
270/280 gr
34%WV 33%CO 29%LI 2%SE 2%EA
6851U 2 2
240/250 gr
73%WV 22%CO 3%EA 2%SE
6749M 300 2
235/245 gr
56%WV 44%LI
6676F 332 1
320/330 gr
38%CO 33%LI 29%WV
6750F 301 10
280/290 gr
50%WV 38%CO 12%LI
6769M 314 1
255/265 gr
62%LI 38%WV
6933U 2 3
275/285 gr
45%WV 36%LI 19%CO
6841U 2 22
270/280 gr