Since 1815 the soul of our fabrics tells stories of excellence, territory and quality, the historical values of our brand. Beauty, knowledge, tradition and innovation that move in together, this is our historical heritage, this is the institutional heritage that we reinvent, collection after collection, with creativity, research and innovation. The latter is fundamental for us: it is the ability to keep up with the times, the ability to revisit our heritage and make it relevant.

Guabello collections, today, interpret our history revisited in a modern key with the use of Motion technology and in respect of the environment, society and people.


Our supply chain begins with the authentic selection of the finest fibres, with the most valuable selection of ethical and certified partners between Australia and New Zealand, who provide only superior raw materials of which we are the guarantor and spokesman. It is a journey that starts from afar, in places where the quality of the raw materials is incomparable, and arrives in Biella, the world's best-known Italian industrial district, where since 1815 our Mongrando plant has produced fabrics destined to arrive anywhere in the world.

We monitor all stages of the production process and we have chosen to guarantee the ethicality and transparency of our supply chain to protect the safety of consumers and workers.



From Guabello reality to your business

Quality, style and versatility with classic and contemporary aspects.Refined and selected raw materials that impeccably adapts to the needs of everyday life.

Comfort and sartorial tradition tranlsate in to a fast, exclusive and personalized service.


Space is the innovative selection of fabrics created by Guabello to satisfy an increasing demand for performance, in full environmental compliance.

With its characteristic 4 way natural stretch feature, Space fabrics ensure a flawless fit and performance so high that you can go to the moon!

Sustainability takes center stage
Sustainability at Guabello is a world of ethical and aesthetic values, in which excellence is a natural dimension, versatile and rich in meanings that go far beyond images and seasonal contents, to tell a story of craftsmanship concretely committed to valuing people and respecting the environment.