Since 1815

The new Fall/Winter Guabello fabric's collection reveals the Guabello identity, in respect of our company's motto: innovation guided by tradition.

Pure wool fabrics offered in Super 120'S, Super 130'S and Super 150'S in a wide range of colors and design proposals for today's gentleman, for business, leisure and free time moods.

The richness of tones developed in the traditional sartorial taste, gives to the collection a new look, creating an outstanding elegant outfit.

This contemporary touch is revealed in a variety of shades and extremely sophisticated designs.

The great range of wool-silk fabrics, thanks to a dedicated development of the exclusive yarn, satisfies the most sophisticated needs, enhancing the fibers'natural quality and their natural comfort.

The touch finish and flannels are among the season's most of this collection.

They are featured in different weights, aspects and patterns. Offered in worsted, semi-worsted and wollen yarns, with a wide variety of colors and an extensive range of designs.

The Saxony. A contemporary reinterpretation of the early days fall/winter daytime gentleman suit, spreaded in flamboyant designs and colors.

"Up-Town" Super 120'S, anthology of a metropolitan taste.

"Motion" natural stretch, (contemporary and fashion) and "Dinamico" travel suit 3.0 (business sartorial), to feel impeccable any time, any where.

Blazers clear cut, touch finish, natural stretch, microstructure and tweed, are some of the elements combining elegance and easy to wear.