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New Collection SS20

For more than 200 years Guabello has been producing textiles, offering up beauty and savoir faire that meet sustainability and elegance. Per tradition, Guabello's SS20 collection expresses the sophistication and heritage of the historic wool maker's constant pursuit of innovation, while minimizing its environmental impact as much as possible. In keeping with the brand's aesthetic, the SS20 collection offers a variety of textiles crafted out of the finest wools, as well as more lightweight materials, like linen, silk, and cotton.

The collections that are the cornerstone of the company express a more formal style. With its Super 120's Uptown line, Guabello offers the possibility to create a perfect garment for the fast-paced lifestyle of an urban businessman. The Super 120's Connoisseur uses the same merino wool yarn but with a more refined style perfectly suited for elegant garments and, as the name suggests, for true connoisseurs.

On the other end of the style spectrum are the Onethirty and Onefifty lines made with the finest textiles and intended for wearers whose style is sophisticated and makes a statement. These materials are created through a unique production process that gives life to sartorial garments of exceptional quality.

Fibre Nobili is the exclusive fabric of Guabello's SS20 collection, made from a blend of wool and mohair and wool and silk to create a sophisticated textile that is soft to the touch. The Motion and Impatto Zero lines stand out for their high performance.

Motion expresses a new and exclusive concept of stretchability without any artificial elements. Crafted out of pure wool, the fabric features a youthful cut and minimal print designs. The perfect expression of an ever-growing focus on both environmental and social sustainability is the Impatto Zero line. A collection designed for natural comfort and tailored for travel thanks to its high performance.

The Giacche Blazers coat collection merges high-quality materials and casual style. Cotton, linen, and silk share the stage with wool to create pieces that are ideal for a tailored and leisure style. Our collections are designed to fit a modern lifestyle that is dynamic and constantly on-the-go.