Since 1815

An adjective to define the Spring Summer 2018 collection? Fresh!

Fresh like the colors in the extensive fabric sample folders, like the numerous patterns and various designs: classic, trendy, reinterpreted. Fresh like soft, agile hands. Fresh like the matt reflections of the fabrics.

A varied selection for jackets and blazers in pure wool and blended with silk rather than linen, in  hopsack, seersucker and leno.

Suit fabrics designed to always be comfortable and impeccable in every situation. Developed to satisfy the demands of the most formal and upper casual styles, the most dressy and most intimate, the most contemporary and most traditional. Pure Super 120'S, Super 130'S, Super 150'S wool or blended with silk and mohair.

Without ever compromising on quality, a legacy of two centuries of unbroken tradition devoted to beauty and high-quality production.